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How To Choose A Wedding Florist

1. What does my florist need to know about my wedding day?

Simply put- the more they know, the better! Basic information regarding your wedding venues, colors and your wedding day timeline is essential to making sure your flowers compliment your day but additional information about other vendors you are working with, your wedding party, desserts, invitations and other aspects of your celebration solidify your personal style to your florist and give them a glimpse of the type of event you are planning even if it is difficult to put into words.

2. Can I bring examples of the bouquets that I love?

Yes please! These photos are very helpful in determining what wedding blooms appeal to you! Even if they are only a starting point, a florist will help you to see what elements of the bouquets you like. Photos of boutonnieres, ceremony settings, centerpieces and decorations are also encouraged!

3. What if I don’t know the types of flowers in those examples?

That’s ok! It is my job as a florist to help with all those details, it is your job as a bride to identify what you like and don’t like! A good wedding florist will be able to provide you with names and information about the flowers that are featured in photos you bring along.

4. Are my favorite flowers in season?

Although flowers are a global market, there are still some blooms that are unavailable or lack good quality during certain seasons. A knowledgeable wedding florist will be able to provide you with information concerning seasonality of specific flowers and offer suggestions for substitutes if a bloom is not available for your celebration. Popular wedding flowers including orchids, roses, calla lilies, gerbera daisies, ranunculus and hydrangeas are readily available year-round.

5. Who delivers my flowers on my wedding day?

This is a great question to ask during an initial consultation with your florist. Wedding florists have varying guidelines when it comes to delivery and it is best to ask each florist you interview. At Allure Premiere Event Florists, we feel that it is important to have a single contact person for the duration of your planning and to see your consultant and designer setting up on your wedding day. This allows a security in knowing that each bride will see a familiar face on her wedding day and the details discussed during her consultations will be carried through in their entirety.

6. What if my selected flowers are not available?

During your initial consultation a knowledgeable wedding florist will be able to notify you of the possibility of specific blooms not being available for your wedding. At Allure Premiere Event Florists, we set up a Plan B for certain flowers if there is a possibility of them not being good quality during the desired dates and continually update the bride on the growing season and the knowledge we have concerning her flowers.

7. Will you make recommendations on what options I have?

Absolutely! That is my job! A concern I hear from brides frequently is that they feel that they cannot talk to a florist about their wedding flowers until they know what they want. It is the job of your wedding florist to walk you through the process of making selections and wise choices in regard to your wedding day blooms. At Allure Premiere Event Florists, we spend time brainstorming and looking at a wide range of photos together and then we make recommendations of flowers, bouquet styles and themes based on your reactions and our conversation about the photos we had looked at together. Each couple is planning a unique event and it is our highest priority to make them feel comfortable and be as helpful as possible.

8. Do they provide other items such as vases, candles, and more?

Each florist is different in the products and services they provide and it is a good idea to ask this question when meeting for an initial consultation. As a full-service wedding florist, we provide candles, vases and table décor for rent or purchase, a few table linen rental options and tuxedo rental. In addition to extra products provided by your florist, it is also a good idea to ask about the services they provide to make your day easier. At Allure Premiere Event Florists we offer delivery, pinning on of corsages and boutonnieres, set-up, tear down and help with planning other aspects of your celebration.

9. What are common mistakes in ordering real flowers for my wedding day and what can I do to avoid these mistakes?

1) Ordering fresh flowers in bulk or online rather than with a florist will be cheaper. Talk to a florist before ordering online and be honest with them about your budget and flower needs. It surprises brides we work with that it is not as expensive as they think to have a professional wedding florist arrange your flowers.

2) Assuming that ‘someone’ will take care of pinning on boutonnieres and corsages on your wedding day. Without having a person designated to do this (your florist, day of coordinator, friend or family member), the task is commonly forgotten until photos have already started. Designating a person to be responsible for this task prior to the wedding day also ensures that your florist has the opportunity to meet with them during delivery and answer any questions they may have.

10. When is the best time to secure a florist before the wedding day?

The sooner, the better! As with any wedding vendor, the best book up the earliest, especially during busy wedding months. At Allure, we limit the number of events scheduled on a weekend ensuring we provide the best service possible during the entire planning process. This means that some weekends are filled up to a year in advance. Once you are confident which florist you would like to work with, even 18-24 months ahead of schedule, it is a good idea to secure your wedding date with them. You can always decide on the specifics of your order closer to your date! That being said, some weekends never completely fill so even if you are only a few months or weeks out from your event, it never hurts to ask about availability.

11. How do I select a florist?

Spend time talking with your florist to see if you feel comfortable with them! You will be spending quite a bit of time with them over your planning months- make sure you are working with someone you enjoy spending time with, feel is knowledgeable about what they do and who understands your personal style. Look through photos of their work to see if you like their design style and quality.

Here is a list of some of the best questions I have been asked by brides ‘interviewing’ me to be their wedding day florist.

1) How many weddings do you take each day (or weekend)?

2) If you get sick or injured, who will do my flowers?

3) Have you ever had to fix wedding flowers that were damaged or not what the bride wanted? How did you fix it?

4) Do you have coolers to store my flowers before my wedding?

5) Who will be delivering my wedding flowers?

6) What wedding is your favorite?

7) Why do you do wedding flowers?

8) Do you have any previous clients I could call for a reference?

Thanks to Christy for the beautiful images included here. Happy Planning!